The men we serve benefit immensely from Emmaus House. They are afforded the opportunity to live and work with other men who are facing similar obstacles. A supportive and nourishing environment in which to exercise alternative coping mechanisms is invaluable in the promotion of long-term sobriety.

It’s said that addiction does not discriminate, nor do we. Our doors are open to all men in need of our services. Although our men come from all walks of life, common ground can be found in recovery.

Although it’s not a prerequisite, large numbers of our men come from long term rehabilitation facilities. Our houses offer these men a safe and supportive environment to ease the stress of reintegration, lowering the chance of relapse.

Since recovery is a life-long process, Emmaus House of Raleigh defines success as successful reintegration into a productive and sober life. We calculate that 78% of our men remain clean and sober for a full year after leaving Emmaus House.


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