Meet the Men

The men we serve benefit immensely from  Emmaus House. They are afforded the opportunity to live and work with other men who are facing similar obstacles. A supportive and nourishing environment in which to exercise alternative coping mechanisms is invaluable in the promotion of long-term sobriety.

It’s said that addiction does not discriminate, nor do we. Our doors are open to all men in need of our services. Although our men come from all walks of life, common ground can be found in recovery.

Although it’s not a prerequisite, large numbers of our men come from long term rehabilitation facilities. Our houses offer these men a safe and supportive environment to ease the stress of reintegration, lowering the chance of relapse.

Since recovery is a life-long process, Emmaus House of Raleigh defines success as successful reintegration into a productive and sober life. We calculate that 78% of our men remain clean and sober for a full year after leaving Emmaus House.


Emmaus provides me with affordable, comfortable living as I prepare for independent living. Emmaus House has allowed me to connect with more men in recovery, while reconnecting with my community as well. Without Emmaus House’s support, there is no doubt in my mind that my transition into a sober and happy life would have been met with obstacles that I may not have been able to overcome. The treatment center helped save my life, but Emmaus is helping me make that life enjoyable and livable.


Emmaus House has given me a safe and secure place to build my confidence in my recovery. Emmaus House has also given me the opportunity to have a smooth transition into independent living.


Addiction has a tendency to reduce human beings to the lowest common denominator, a person in pain and needing help. When suffering, attention is welcome from anywhere and anyone. Communication, consideration, dignity and respect are essential elements for recovery…I found all of these at Emmaus House. I will forever be grateful.


Emmaus House has given me the opportunity to grow financially, emotionally and spiritually. It has helped by putting me on a path to recovery that I didn’t have before. I am grateful for the opportunity to live among other men who are trying to accomplish the same goals and the ability to experience accountability and brotherly love like I never have before.


By giving me a supportive environment to rebuild my life, Emmaus House has helped me avoid pitfalls other addicts face when trying to remain sober. By lending me a hand and providing safe and affordable housing in my early recovery, Emmaus has put me on the right footing to a stable and productive future. Emmaus House has been a blessing to me.


Emmaus House has been essential in rebuilding my life. Living in an environment that supported my recovery was mandatory. I was able to establish a rental history and a history for basic housing services (electric/cable) by living in the Emmaus Apartments. The opportunity to get a car through Wheels for Hope, a partner agency, enabled me to gain steady employment. I am forever grateful for all that Emmaus and Joe has done for me.


Emmaus has helped me to become a part of the recovery community. Affordable housing and the fellowship have played a large part in my recovery. Structure, integrity and self-sufficiency are assets that I will carry with me long after leaving Emmaus House.


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