Once an organization created to address the growing issue of homelessness, Emmaus House of Raleigh is now a lifeline for men recovering from substance dependency. Today, we focus our attentions on bridging the gap between long-term rehabilitation centers and independent living. The time between these two milestones is riddled with challenges and obstacles, all posing significant threats to long-term sobriety success.

To fully appreciate where we are, it is important to understand where we have been. Recently, Dan Figgens, with assistance from Jim Hutchby, one of our original founders, compiled a comprehensive history of Emmaus House of Raleigh. From the planning stages conducted by parishioners at Pullen Baptist Church, they detail the events that culminated into the modern face of Emmaus of Raleigh.

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Emmaus House has been in existence for over 30 years, but our foundation has remained constant:



We believe the foundation of recovery begins with self and that long-term success requires a supportive community that provides a bridge to independent living.


To provide safe, affordable, recovery housing within a supportive community.


All people have a safe place to recover.