As we count down the last remaining days of 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to relay our heartfelt thanks and well-wishes. Additionally, we would like to inform you of our ambitious plan for 2021.

Attempting to stay current with evidenced-based research, Emmaus House of Raleigh has decided to undertake a new project: the development of a Medically Assisted Recovery House (MAR). This new house will be exclusively dedicated to men participating in Medically Assisted Treatment programs (MAT), alleviating the stress associated with stigmas and biases. Additionally, it allows Emmaus House to offer these men the same opportunities as their counterparts—a safe, affordable, and nurturing transitional home within a supportive community.

The opioid epidemic has brought about an increased awareness to the horrors of addiction, leading to new and innovative treatments. Addressing addiction using the Disease Model, researchers have developed medications to stabilize clients, combat withdrawals, and ease cravings. These medications, commonly referred to as Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), allow the client to safely navigate the obstacles of early recovery. While under the care of medical professionals, these medications:

  • Are Safe
  • Are Cost-Effective
  • Improve Social Function
  • Reduce Criminal Activity
  • Reduce the Risk of Overdose
  • Reduce Risk of Infectious Disease Transmission

Evidenced-based research has found that the increased availability of MAT programs is associated with a substantial decrease in the number of fatal heroin overdoses, approximately 50% reduction.

Today, 45 million Americans are living lives affected by addiction. Statistically, 20 million adults suffer from substance abuse disorders, 64 million die from drug overdoses each year, and 88 thousand die from alcohol related causes. Unfortunately, only a slight percentage will receive the help they most desperately need, less than 10%.

Because of these numbers, we reaffirm our commitment and humbly ask for your continued support. Together, we can help build strong, resilient, and productive communities.