A donor’s perspective on why they support Emmaus House 


Giving Tuesday is just around the corner on November 28! Giving Tuesday is an annual, global day of giving that focuses on transforming communities and our world through awareness and generosity. At Emmaus House, we rely on our supporters to sustain the work, and so today, we wanted to share the perspective of one of our champions.

This couple has been supporting Emmaus House for several years now. They expressed a desire to remain anonymous, as their giving is not about the spotlight or public applause but rather the work being done at Emmaus House. But they were excited to share a little bit about why they give – and maybe why you should consider giving, too.

What first drew you to the mission of Emmaus House? 

We feel like people deserve a second chance. As someone from a poor background myself, so many people struggling with addiction don’t have the resources to get started on a clean path. Many feel like they’ve lost their chance at life, as it’s hard to find a job, secure housing, and maintain relationships. When you screw up everything, it’s hard to get it unscrewed. That’s why we continue to support Emmaus House – because they help men get back on the path to stability. 


Why do you choose to support the work of Emmaus House? 

We take a lot of things for granted – most of us have a place to brush our teeth or wash our clothes. Emmaus House is providing men in recovery exactly that: a place to live, to feel like a human again, and to fight to get stable again. It only makes sense for us to give back because if we had ever needed a place like Emmaus House, we would have been so grateful for it. 


Why do you think others should support Emmaus House? 

They do great work there – hard and frustrating work at times, but it’s rewarding to see someone who was struggling go on to become a successful human being. And at Emmaus House, your impact is multiplied. Addiction is a disease that impacts not only the person struggling but everyone in their sphere of influence: family, friends, coworkers, the list goes on and on. So when you help one, you’re not just helping one – you’re helping every life they touch. On top of that, it’s a huge blessing to see lives turned around. It’s ultimately about being the Good Samaritan. We give not because we want everyone to know about it, but because it’s the right thing to do. 


If you want to join this couple, and many others like them, in supporting the men we serve and everyone they impact, we invite you to make a gift to Emmaus House on Giving Tuesday or during this holiday season. Whether through your time, talent, or treasure, you are making a difference in the recovery journeys of men across Wake County. Thank you!