“First you take the drink, then the drink takes you.”  Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

I was raised in a middle-class family. My parents were GREAT people, instilling in me their values…Honesty, Morality, Integrity, Faith, and Ethical Standards. I have always considered myself ‘average’, perhaps not even. In order to hit the middle of the bar in any endeavor, I had to always work harder than my peers. 

At an early age, I understood my propensity to become an alcoholic. For this reason, I refrained from the use of alcohol (for the most part) during my teen years. On the few times I did consume alcohol, I would get “Drunk and Sloppy”. This should have been a sign, a warning, but I did not listen.

During my college years, I did learn (what I thought) was a way to drink successfully. HA! HA! As I faced the challenges of family, career, and socialization, my alcoholism became pronounced. For the next 30 years, my alcoholism was in the driver’s seat. My bottom, like every other alcoholic and addict, was BAD!

Roughly four years ago, I came to Raleigh to restart my life. After 30 years of active addiction, I was finally resigned to surrender. I was determined to put forth an honest and thorough effort, an attempt to regain control of a life that had spiraled out of control. As we say in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, I was finally willing to go to “any lengths necessary”, putting my sobriety first and foremost.

Determined to stay sober, I reached out to The Fellowship Home. After completing their program, I was encouraged to apply to Emmaus House of Raleigh. They say, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. But for whatever reason, the opportunity to join Emmaus House fell into my lap…as if by divine intervention. It would take volumes to express my gratitude for the opportunity Emmaus House has offered me. The fellowship, the structure, the accountability…all playing a significant role in my sober path. 

The intrinsic value of what Emmaus House has given me cannot be measured. It is too great and all encompassing. Emmaus House has changed my life for the better, offering positivity and genuine concern for my wellbeing.  I am forever grateful for the Emmaus experience, for the opportunities presented, and for the friendships forged